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At Your Service

You wouldn’t have your Accountant fill a cavity or your Mechanic cut your hair…leave your event to the trained professionals at Eventfully Angela LLC.

Industry Savvy

Instant access to advantages only discovered through years of experience and focused training.

Shrewd Negotiating

Saving you money and mitigating risk with a honed skill for contract negotiations.

Strategic Vision

Providing efficiencies and clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics.

Social Butterflies

Full of passion, enthusiasm, and a knack for building trusted relationships with vendors and clients.

What it’s all About

Eventfully Angela LLC is a premier full-service event company with an impressive portfolio of corporate, small business, non-profit, and luxury social events. To put it simply – we elevate brands, engage attendees, and make those that didn’t attend, wish they had.


Service Features

Event Strategy & Identity

Designing the strategic layers to help you connect with audiences in ways you’ve never imagined.

Event Planning & Logistics

Dedicated event partners managing even the non-glamorous details from start to finish.

Tech & Digital Engagement

Offering a suite of tech services & strategic partners to achieve event success.

Creative Design & Branding

Delivering bold and calculated design solutions resulting in long-term impactful impressions.

Spatial Transformation

Thoughtfully designing spaces to create a jaw-dropping, engaged event experience.

On-Brand Event Websites

Designing custom event websites resulting in efficiencies and attendee engagement.


Over the years our brand has been awarded and featured by some of the industries leading editorials and empowering podcasts.

Meet The Eventfully Angela

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