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You wouldn’t have your Accountant fill a cavity or your Mechanic cut your hair…leave your event to a trained professional.

Industry Savvy

Instant access to advantages only discovered through years of experience and focused training.

Shrewd Negotiating

Saving you money and mitigating risk with a honed skill for contract negotiations.

Strategic Vision

Providing efficiencies and clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics.

Social Butterfly

Full of passion, enthusiasm, and a knack for building trusted relationships with vendors and clients.

What it’s all About

Eventfully Angela is a premier independent event management partner specializing in corporate events. Founded to fill the resource gaps of businesses both large and small, with premium and customized event services.


Service Features

Full-Service Planning
On-site day of Support
Event Marketing
Sourcing & Venue Selection
Consulting & Contract Audits
Custom Event Websites

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October 21, 2018

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