10 Trending Tech Giveaways For Corporate Events & Where To Get Them {Infographic}

We are living in a Digital Age. Technology is applied in almost all aspects of human interaction and it is a defining characteristic of human activity.

The events industry has been significantly revolutionized by technology. Technology is changing not only the way we plan events but also how they are experienced. Gone are the days of passive attendees. Participant engagement is the target.

The prominence of technology and the effects of gifting often unite in the effort to market and engage.

In my last post, “Tips for Giving Event Swag and the Blunders to Avoid”, I promised to continue with some blow-your-mind Technology gifts inspired by this giving season.

Here are 10 trending tech giveaway ideas for corporate events and tradeshows. Included are 34 specific tech promo products I found particularly interesting and innovative, and where to get them. Bonus {INFOGRAPHIC} Included below.

Virtual Reality Viewers

Virtual Reality is all the rage right now and enthusiastically embraced by the event industry. Below offers an option for all budgets and each can be branded.

  1. Cardboard VR Viewer: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Expandable Silicone VR Viewer: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Premium VR: Click Here For Vendor

Tech Organizers

I love the idea giving an organizer for all the tech gadgets we seem to accumulate these days. Personalizing them with the recipient’s initials or a company logo takes it to the next level. The options below really stood out.

  1. Ready2GO Leather Tech Organizer- Personalized: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Cordito Cord & Plug Roll Click Here For Vendor
  3. Folio Bag: Leather Portfolio Folder document Organizer: Click Here For Vendor
  4. Leather Tech Envelope: Click Here For Vendor

USB Hubs

Not sure about you, but I can never have enough USB ports. I was drawn to the usefulness of this gift and of course the branding opportunities.

  1. Pen Cup with 4-port USB hub: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Happy Hub 4 port hub shaped like a person: Click Here For Vendor
  3. 4-Port Aluminum USB Hub: Click Here For Vendor

Smart Wallets

Smart wallets are a low budget option that are great for tradeshows. I especially liked the upgraded ones with the finger strap and the pocket/stand.

  1. Cell phone wallet with stand: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Silicone phone wallet with finger strap: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Universal smart wallet: Click Here For Vendor

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a trending gift with some great branding opportunities. Noise-canceling headphones are a luxury for travelers (and parents). Branding the case would be an excellent gift. The earbuds also caught my eye with its branding possibilities and functionality.

  1. The SOLO single wireless earbud: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Kronies custom branded earbuds set of 2: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones: Click Here For Vendor

Charging Solutions

How many times a day do you charge your phone? These gadgets provide a relatable solution and put your brand in their hand.

  1. The Puck wireless Charging Pad: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Power Bank & Cord Set: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Travel Swivel Socket with Surge: Click Here For Vendor
  4. Power Cubes: Click Here For Vendor

Wireless Photo Printers

This is one of my favorite gifts. It can be (literally) carried throughout a conference or tradeshow in some very creative and engaging ways. Worried your attendees’ phones may not be compatible? Fear not. The Polaroid POP is a camera & printer in one and comes in various colors. If branding is the key, consider giving a case with your logo on it.

  1. HP wireless photo printer: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Kodak portable printer: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Wireless Polaroid printer: Click Here For Vendor
  4. Polaroid POP 3X4” instant print digital camera: Click Here For Vendor

Selfie Aids

Ah, the Selfie. It too has its place in events as gamification took popularity. Below are some tools to help attendees capture their best pose and remember your brand with each snap.

  1. SlingGrip Phone Grips – Universal for device or case: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Branded Pop-Socket: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Branded Selfie Stick: Click Here For Vendor
  4. Custom Branded Selfie Light with mirror: Click Here For Vendor

Smart Speakers

I received one of these as a gift when I attended a conference. Not something I needed or probably would have bought for myself, which added to the awesomeness of the gift. It is now a permanent fixture in my home that brings entertainment and enjoyment to my family.  This is a gift that leaves an impact.

  1. Alexa Echo Devices: Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show: Click Here For Vendor
  2. Google Home Devices: the Mini & the Home: Click Here For Vendor

USB Flash Drives

Now this is not as flashy (like what I did there?) as some of the other options, but I thought the below variations were worth noting. Great size and price for tradeshow giveaways and a solid option for conferences looking to go Green without handout materials.

  1. Customized USB business card flash drives: Click Here For Vendor
  2. USB Pen Combo: Click Here For Vendor
  3. Company Logo Custom USB Drive: Click Here For Vendor
  4. USB Button Flashdrive Keyrings: Click Here For Vendor

Which one stands out? Which gift would you be happy to receive?

Below is an infographic to visually summarize all the tech giveaway goodness mentioned. Need more inspiration? Eventfully Angela is now on Pinterest. Follow for other giveaway ideas and event-themed boards full of event industry awesomeness.

Eventfully, Angela

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