The 2020 Guide for Charitable Swag

‘Tis the season of giving! For the past two years, we compiled lists of potential event swag companies that give back. Our 2017 edition featured items such as backpacks, lotto tickets, and wireless headphones, and last year we explored swag bags, skincare products, and handmade soaps.

We thought we would continue the tradition and were excited to find TEN more charitable companies this year! If you’re thinking about sending an altruistic message with your swag, keep reading to explore some great options that will delight attendees…


In the cold winter months, who doesn’t need a pair of socks to keep their feet warm? 

For every pair of socks sold, Bombas will donate an additional pair to the organization of your choice. You can give to your current charity partner, or Bombas will work with you to find a recipient who aligns with your company values. 

They also have a corporate gifting program where they will create a custom, branded insert and/or packaging explaining the impact that the swag has made.

Where to buy:


Pura Vida is a casual jewelry company that has partnered with many organizations to create a Charity Collection. You can choose to give to cancer awareness, environmental causes, animal awareness, health awareness, or humanitarian cause. 

The colors and names of the pieces in each category are meaningful the cause they represent.

Where to buy:


Spruce up attendees’ homes or offices with the gift of a succulent! 

Lula’s Garden uses the profit from each purchase to provide clean water to communities around the world.

They also have a corporate gifting program where you can brand the garden with your logo, a special design, message, or photo. Customization opportunities are on a sleeve, insert card, label, or the planter itself.

Where to buy:


Did you know that blankets are the most requested item by homeless shelters? When the founder of Sackcloth & Ashes saw his hard-working, single mother become homeless, he was inspired to create a company that gave back to the homeless community. 

Sackcloth & Ashes donates a blanket to your local homeless shelter for every blanket you purchase from them. Their goal is to donate one million blankets by 2024!

Where to buy:


Looking to keep attendees alert? Gift them traditional European style coffee!

Grounds & Hounds is a coffee delivery company whose purpose is to give at-risk dogs a second chance at life by eradicating unnecessary euthanasia and improving animal welfare. 

20% of all proceeds are donated to animal rescue partners across the U.S.

Where to buy:


Putting a swag bag together? Why not pair the coffee above with a mug that also gives back!

Protect the Earth Mugs are designed with the earth in mind. Each item is handmade, so all products are unique, meaning no two attendees will get the same mug. 

Five dollars of each mug purchased will go to the Open Space Institute, a non-profit dedicated to protecting land, clean water, and communities.

Where to buy:


Want to give attendees a unique sweet treat? Try organic lollipops!

After eating an Amborella Organics lollipop, attendees can plant the biodegradable stick in soil to grow an herb or flower! Each flavor corresponds to the type of plant you will grow. For example, Sage & Marshmallow lollipops grow sage plants, while Peach & Marigold suckers produce marigolds. 

Where to buy:


Did you know that the popular S’well water bottle gives back AND has a corporate gifting program?

Wow attendees by gifting them a branded water bottle that’s already on everyone’s list. Plus, S’well partners with UNICEF and many other charities to help provide clean water to vulnerable communities around the world. 

Where to buy: 


After a long day of meetings or general sessions, attendees need to unwind. That’s where Sudara comes in!

Sudara is an apparel company that makes pajamas and loungewear for everyone. Each item comes in a matching fabric bag that’s perfect for gifting.

Each purchase supports living-wage employment and skills training for women in India who are at a high risk of or are survivors of sex trafficking.

Where to buy:


Scent is such a powerful sense. It can evoke a memory with just one whiff. Gift a candle to remind attendees of your event for months to come.

Bright Endeavors employs young mothers to create artfully hand-poured soy candles. One hundred percent of proceeds are invested into providing transitional jobs and professional skills training for young moms.

Where to buy:

There you have it, this year’s gifts that give back! 

We hope that these gifts have inspired you to consider philanthropic gifts for your events in the upcoming year. 

Need more event tips? Keep following our blog to learn more about the events industry including trends, case studies, and more!

Happy Holidays and happy gifting!



Katie is the Event & Marketing Coordinator at Eventfully Angela. When she’s not planning events or social media strategies, you can find her playing with her adorable pup, Maggie, or cheering on her alma mater, the Villanova Wildcats, during basketball season!