5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs a Website


I often get asked: Does my event need a website?

Now, we creative types have a flair for the dramatic. Initially, every bone in my body wants to tell them without a website their event is doomed and will inevitably lead to utter and dismal FAILURE.

Conceivably a tad melodramatic, but let’s call it immense passion and conviction.

Here are 5 (drama-free) reasons why your event should have its own website.


A one-stop-shop for event information

An event website is the main source to provide attendees with event info, sessions, speakers, agenda, and more. Attendees learn everything they need to know about the meeting or event, and in turn, you gather everything needed to carry it out with digital ease. No keeping track of 1,000 email responses or manually tallying up attendance. The time and money saved on data entry administrative tasks can be used to better the event, contact more sponsors, prepare more activities, or reply faster to participants. Technology for the WIN!


Builds buzz and engagement

A dynamic design and responsive layout is a great first opportunity to develop an unforgettable attendee experience, while also promoting your Company brand and your event’s true colors. Brand awareness is absolutely critical to the growth of your event and your business. This is a pivotal time to showcase your brand and shape how your attendees, partners and sponsors remember it. Don’t pass on this opportunity to get participants engaged and excited before the meeting or event even starts! Excitement = buzz, buzz = registration pickup!!

Marketing Flexibility

Gives your event the focused attention it deserves

Sure, you have a Company website, but a separate site gives you the freedom to best promote the event and places all the attention on the event itself. No fighting for the attention of your visitors with the information clutter that may not pertain to them from your main site.

Competitive Advantage

They are judging your “book” by its “cover”

Having an engaging event website can be especially important when faced with a crowded conference marketplace. Especially if you are asking top dollar. The invitation and event website can be your first chance, and maybe only chance, to wow them and give them a real feel for what’s in store. This build in excitement can capture new interest while simultaneously enticing loyal ones to return.


Gets your return on investment 

The right technology solution provides invaluable tools to efficiently manage a successful event. You gain the ability to customize your analytics and reporting options for different uses, automate communications and notifications to attendees, and track relevant data in real-time to see trends as they emerge to easily make rock solid decisions. Best of all, it is easy to export, manipulate, or simply share and use as-is.

OK, so maybe doomed and an inevitable failure was overboard, but creating and maintaining an event website is almost always in your favor.

Need help setting up a website for your event?

If you want to learn more about event websites or want help creating your own, contact Eventfully Angela and let’s get planning!

Eventfully, Angela

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