I was raised by my Grandmother since I was 2 years old.

She was a teacher and an artist. Fierce, charismatic, vibrant, stubborn, creative, passionate, intense, giving and resilient.

She engineered a life rich with traditions and nearly daily celebrations.

mom and meGood grades were honored with THE special red plate and a backwards dinner with dessert as the first course. Our Christmas caroling parties showcased elaborate décor with a tree in EVERY room of our house, each with its own collection of themed ornaments.

Annual Halloween parties featured bobbing for apples and touch and feel boxes full of spaghetti for brains, and grapes for eye balls. Not even May Day was safe from celebration, as we left handmade paper cone baskets full of lilac flowers on people’s front door knobs on the first of the month.

And my favorite of all celebrations, was the morning ritual, where she cheerfully and LOUDLY sang, “Rise & Shine” to get us out of bed.me and mom

It was fairly annoying at the time, but what I wouldn’t give to hear her sing it today.

She died of pancreatic cancer when I was a junior in College, but her celebratory legacy lives on as I raise my own family and in my daily life as an event planner. A profession rooted in celebration that not only brings me great fulfillment, but keeps her creative spirit close to me.

I have been in the event industry for 10 years and have dedicated myself to learning and growing personally and professionally in this field. Eventfully, Angela is part of that journey.

I feel I have so much to share, but also so much to learn.

Join me as I stumble through this eventfully amazing new chapter and together let’s create a collaborative event community.

I am so glad you are here.

Eventfully, Angela