7 ways to show your attendees some love

Women's Retreat

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better time than now to show love and appreciation! We are, of course, referring to showering your ATTENDEES with love! At any event, attendees want to be seen, heard, and connected with.

In our opinion, it’s all about a personalized experience. Not only will personalization impress attendees, but it will also make them feel special and important! Try taking these 7 aspects into consideration for your next event to really wow your attendees by treating everyone like a VIP!

1. Take preferences into consideration

During the registration process or in a preliminary email, ask attendees about their preferences. Here are some things to consider: room requirements, (bed preferences, location in hotel, extra accommodations), dietary restrictions (including allergies & preferences), and travel preferences (mode of transportation, time, location). When you take the time to ask these questions, attendees feel as though their needs matter. They appreciate that you are willing to accommodate their requests and are grateful for your adaptability. 

2. Customize gift offerings

personalized swag

A common way to boost attendance or thank guests for attending your event is to offer a swag bag or gift.  Consider personalizing the items in some way with their name or preferences. Attendees are always delighted to receive something that is unique to them or the event they attended, and it’s a great way to commemorate their experience.

For example, this recent women’s retreat had a commemorative glass made for their welcome reception toast. Each glass was etched with the event, the year, and the attendee’s name. 

3. Write handwritten notes

Get away from the high-tech digital age by bringing back the lost art of the handwritten note! Leaving a note and a little gift in attendees’ rooms is a great way to welcome them to your event. You can also conclude your event by sending guests handwritten thank you notes. Make a great first or final impression by showing them you are willing to take the time to make their experience special!

4. Brand event decor pieces

personalized table setting

Surprise attendees by placing their name in unexpected places! We have put this into practice using wine charms, key chains, coasters, drink stirrers, notebooks, place cards. napkin rings and more!

Whenever you can, look for ways to wow attendees with these little additions. The smallest personalized touch could go a long way.  

5. Personalize emails

Rather than sending mass emails, use a registration software that allows you to send custom emails. This way, attendees feel that personal touch before they even set foot on-site!

Be sure to include personal details such as their name, individual schedule, travel itinerary, and hotel reservation. This may all be included in a simple confirmation email, but be sure to follow up with a welcome email once you get closer to your event. Not only does this serve as a helpful reminder, but it is a great opportunity to give your attendees more details about what to expect.

6. Design a welcoming environment

Workshop seating

Rather than relying on the typical classroom or round table and chairs setup, try unique seating arrangements. One way to change it up is to rent comfortable couches and chairs. This way, attendees feel like they’re relaxing in their living room, rather than in a stuffy meeting! This in turn, will make them much more comfortable and likely to open up. According to a study at Cornell University, attendees who did not have a table in between them and others made them feel as though they were more connected psychologically. 

7. Offer a helping hand

Consider ways to help attendees along the event process. This could be as easy as an FAQ page on the event website, an onsite help desk, or offering an event app. This will prevent attendees from feeling lost or frustrated at any point during your event cycle. 

A happy attendee makes for a successful event.  Look for any opportunity to personalize and customize. It is in those details that you create a lasting impression for your event. Show them the love, and they will show you their loyalty. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Katie is the Event & Marketing Coordinator at Eventfully Angela. When she’s not planning events or social media strategies, you can find her teaching cycling classes in Uptown Charlotte, playing with her adorable pup, Maggie, or cheering on her alma mater, the Villanova Wildcats, during basketball season!