Case Study: Finding event inspiration at a Belgian waffle market

Case Study waffle inspo

Eventfully Angela’s case studies are an exclusive, behind the scenes peek into our event planning prowess. Here we unpack for you our trade secrets, event planning tips, and event trends right from the event scene. Divulging the origin of our clever creativity backed by thoughtful, calculated logistics. 

The Inspiration

I went to Belgium to work a corporate event, and was fortunate enough to have time to explore

strawberry waffle
I made (and devoured) this at a Belgian waffle market. What’s your favorite waffle topping?

Brussels. On street after street, the smell of waffles and chocolate smacked me in the face, almost as if it was getting pumped through some kind of ventilation system. It was … intoxicating.

If the smell wasn’t enticing enough, they went right for the eyes. Storefronts displayed the waffles with just about every kind of topping you can imagine.

I caved immediately. Walked right in and made my own signature waffle. What a day! What an experience!

Just like that, inspiration struck. When an everyday experience evokes an emotion, you know you have something, right? Could I create a cool activity like this for an event, perhaps?

But how might we put that inspiration to work? Let’s look at the ever-popular trend of food trucks, and how the inspiration of strolling past enticing open markets turned into an inclusive global dining experience.

Bringing the Inspiration to Life

food truck menu
The European truck!

The event was a corporate dinner for 300 global attendees, including attendees from Belgium. AHA!

We rented five local food trucks, which were stationed on a beachfront lawn. The event’s menu and execution were crafted from the hotel chef and team on site, and simply served through the trucks.

What’s so special about a food truck event? Inspired by my Belgian adventure, I wanted people to be tempted by varying scents as they explored the setting and mingled with international colleagues. To experience something different as they visited every station. The food trucks helped tell the story.

PLANNING TIP: Renting the food truck facades can save on insurance headaches and cost, as well as ensure you hit your contracted F&B minimum with the venue.

To cater to our global audience, each truck and its menu represented a region.

Truck 1: Asia

Truck 2: Central America

Truck 3: India

Truck 4: North America

And last but not least …

Truck 5: Europe (waffles!)

Attendees loved the trucks, and appreciated the delicious trip around the world. It was a memorable engaging experience that fostered inclusion and conversation.


belgian waffleTake the “wow, that’s cool” moments from your everyday life to the next level in your events. Nobody remembers a cookie cutter event.

Keep a journal, Pinterest board, vision board, or a dedicated photo album on your phone where you save your inspirations you gather on the go. Whatever method you wish that can be referenced at a later date when you need a dose of inspiration.

Do you have a “wow, that’s cool” moment that could inspire an epic future Eventfully Angela event? Let us know in the comments below!



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