COVID-19 Event Planning Resources

COVID-19 event resourcesEvent planning has long held a spot as one of the top 5 most stressful jobs. No stranger to high stress and high stakes. Therefore, It is a known super power of any good event planner to be adaptable in any situation. 

However, I would be lying if I said I had a plan in my back pocket for a rapidly spreading virus that would be declared a worldwide pandemic causing everyone to be quarantined in their homes for months on end. I think of myself as prepared for all scenarios, but this one got me. 

Regardless, when the unpredictable happens you have to adapt quickly and leverage your resources. So the team at EA has been pouring ourselves into COVID-19 resources that will help our clients and colleagues as we navigate through these unprecedented times. 

We thought it helpful to comprise a collection of the COVID-19 event resources we have found interesting and helpful along the way: 

The Commonsense guide to coronavirus for events and conferences

COVID-19 has landed. Here’s how to confidently communicate with your attendees, sponsors, and partners. Featuring examples from brands like Adobe, Google, and Qualtrics.

So your event was canceled because of Coronavirus concerns. What Now?

Practical tips for reassuring attendees and key stakeholders, rescheduling to a later date, considering a virtual event, and more.

Postpoining your event: 5 examples from leading brands

How to communicate a COVID-19 related event postponement to your attendees. Featuring examples from Qualtrics, SaaStr, and Coachella.

6 tips for Pivoting an IN-person event into a virtual experience

Find out how these event organizers successfully made the quick switch from IRL to digital.

Planning Tips for the COVID-19 Age

Smart Meetings spoke to meeting planners and destination representatives to find out how they’re managing responsibilities in the current climate. Even though this is a tough time for the meetings industry, many event professionals remain optimistic.

COVID-19 Considerations for Meetings Contracts

Do meetings cancelled as a result of coronavirus concerns qualify as force majeure? Lisa Sommer Devlin, J.D., attorney at Devlin Law Firm, explained in a recent Smart Meetings Accelerator webinar “COVID-19 Considerations for Meetings Contracts” that the answer is complicated.

What Event Planners Need to Know about Coronavirus

Coronavirus is having a drastic effect on the events industry world wide. Find out how to manage the impact on your events. 

Should You Still Be Planning Events This Summer?

Governments across the world are implementing varying degrees of restrictions on both travel and daily life, with many later to the game than others. What should planners expect as we look towards the coronavirus event horizon?

Force Majeure: Will It Really Help Cancelled Events

Force majeure is the legal clause on everyone’s lips. On almost every event contract, it seems like the COVID-19 pandemic would be the obvious case it was designed for, but that’s not how insurance companies see it. What recourse is there for event organizers?

Event Cancellations From Coronoavirus Rekindle Interest in Online Events

Virtual events have become more popular in recent years due to improving tech as well as their cost-effectiveness and environmental merit. Now, with the coronavirus prompting event cancellations and travel bans worldwide, virtual events have never been more timely.

Advice from 11 top event marketers on leading with resilience

Conversations with event leaders from Sprint, SWSX, SAP, and other top brands about their approach to overcoming unexpected challenges. 

How Leaders can use Virtual Teambuilding activities to boost company morale

How one Canada-based event executive is adapting his leadership techniques amid COVID-19 restrictions to ensure employees working from home continue to feel engaged and included.

How Are #eventprofs Spending Their Time In The Wake of COVID-19?

From virtual happy hours and afternoon walks to sending hand-written letters to clients and planning for the future, here’s how event and meeting professionals across the U.S. are grappling with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

How event vendors are adapting their services during coronavirus – and giving back to their communities

In the wake of COVID-19, caterers, florists, venues, and other event vendors are focusing on philanthropy and innovation.

5 Ways Event Pros Can Stay Creatively Inspired Through COVID-19 Outbreak

From learning a new skill to taking a virtual museum tour to browsing Instagram, here’s how event producers, designers, and other industry pros are staying inspired—from home.

Last, but not least our contribution to the list,  Eventfully Quarantined: 40 celebratory ways to break up the monotony and add some variety to these days in isolation.

We will continue to keep our eye out for quality content and keep adding to the list. If you have one we’ve missed – please reach out!

Be well. Stay safe. And wash your hands.