Long Live the Event Badge: 3 Quick Tips

event badgeI recently had the privilege to write an article for EventMB on 100 ideas for event badges. Yes, 100! Seems aggressive, right? I mean are there really 4,000 words and 100 ideas for a name badge?

Surprisingly, (and thankfully), YES. In fact, far more!

As I researched the project, I thought of the countless badges I had designed and received over the years. In fact, three currently hang in my office.

As a serial purger and minimalist, what made me not only keep these badges but display them?

Here are three quick tips to extend the life and memory of your event with the help of the unassuming event badge:

1. Correspond a Personalized, Memorable Experience

event badge experience

This conference badge came from a Corporate event I had planned looking to step up their kickoff dinner. It was my first introduction to Digital Caricatures.

We had about 125 attendees and two digital artists. At guests’ leisure, they would sit for their portrait. The artist would take only a few minutes to complete the masterpiece. It was promptly printed for the attendee right there on the spot. The artists remained for the entire event, while guests swarmed to watch as the next person took the hot seat.

The print-out was approximately 4″ X 6″, inserted into a plastic sleeve and then topped off with a lanyard to be worn throughout the event. It became a topic of conversation not only that evening but for the days that followed.

This event experience really stuck with me. So much so, that it affectionately hangs in my office over a year later.


2. Make it a Creative Badge of Honor


event badgeI ran a half-marathon last year. My first and, most likely, my last. This is a badge of honor. A personal reminder of a goal achieved and a visual announcement to all who enter that I am part of the elite club of crazy people who have run and survived 13 miles of insanity.

This event badge design was both creative and multifunctional. The race was held in wine-country Napa Valley and followed with a wine tasting festival (I think you are understanding why I ran). The bottom of the badge was therefore designed with a wine glass holder.

Brilliant! It perfectly fit the theme of the event and the added element left a lasting impression.


3. Get Them Hooked on a Feeling


name badge designThis badge is nothing overly exciting. So why would I keep it?

 “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

–Maya Angelou

An event badge, believe it or not, has the power to evoke emotions. This badge was the first time my business name was printed under my name. I will never forget the feeling when they handed me this name badge. It was a milestone moment that I now proudly display.

I am sure they had no idea this badge was going to turn into an eternal keepsake, which makes this a teachable event planning moment. Look for ways to personalize event badges beyond just their name. That personalized touch could be what takes your event badge from trash to treasure and a lasting memory of your hard work and brand.

So what else can this little ol’ event badge do? Let’s get to the full article, which will cover:

  • Essentials of event badge design
  • How to save money on event name badges
  • Plastic name badges /plastic name tags for events
  • The best conference badges
  • Top conference lanyards
  • Unique conference name badges
  • VIP badges for events
  • Cool VIP badges for events
  • Cool VIP lanyards
  • Custom event badges
  • Creative conference badges
  • Event badge technology
  • Alternatives to name badges


What event badges have you held onto? Why?

Eventfully, Angela


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