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Event ROI

You did it! Your event is over. You can now relax and revel in your accomplishment. Right?

Not so fast!

The relief of it being over may feel like a huge success in itself. Trust me, I get it! But, you owe it to yourself, your attendees, your stakeholders, and your bottom line to evaluate your event ROI, the return on your investment. But how, you ask?

First, you must address the ultimate goal of your event. The most important. The one you will measure your success against. Is it to generate qualified leads? Attract new employees? Build brand awareness? Launch a new product? No matter what it is, make sure to focus on your primary objective.

Now, how will you track your event ROI performance against that goal?

Start with the event technology you use to run your event. The right technology solution provides invaluable tools to efficiently manage and measure the success of your event. For instance, within seconds you can access real-time data for information like the number of tickets/registrations sold, your revenue from sales, and the number of no-shows.

The ability to see relevant data in real-time allows you to see trends as they emerge. Now you have the ability to more easily make rock-solid decisions. For instance, as you explore your event registration-related data, you might begin to notice some patterns.

Perhaps your registration is trending with repeat attendees, but very low in new people signing up. Time to address your brand recognition and step up your promotional game – pronto! Doing this as registrations are coming in gives you tremendous control over an event’s success.

From there, you can leverage a wide variety of tools to track your progress. Online surveys, for example, can help you measure attendee satisfaction. Integrations with your other marketing tools and services – like Salesforce, Concur, DocuSign, and Passkey – provide a complete view of your event performance and invaluable efficiencies to your planning process.

At every stage of the event process, the data gathered will tell you quite a bit about your event’s success by itself. Taking it a step further and working with that data can give you an even deeper insight into your event ROI.

For example, you can calculate the cost per lead by dividing the cost of putting on the event by the number of leads you received. You may find your lead generation had a positive return on your investment — even if you didn’t directly generate revenue.

In conclusion, an event website is not just a nice-to-have technology to make you and your brand look good. The right technology solution is a need-to-have tool to provide you with invaluable data to easily and efficiently measure and track your event ROI. So that NOW you can have your well deserved moment to relax and revel in your accomplishment!

Here is a list of standard reports that could be accessible within seconds:

  • Registrant List
  • Summary Report
  • Badge Tracking report
  • Incomplete Registration Report
  • In Progress Report
  • Pre-loaded data report
  • Duplicate report
  • Compare registrations with another event
  • Registration time report
  • Check-in time report
  • Unique companies report
  • External reference report
  • Registration update report
  • Emails sent report
  • SMS Sent report
  • Session backlist report
  • Pricing by session/option
  • Line-item report
  • Consolidated attendee/invite List
  • RSVP Invite List
  • Attendance Report
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Standard invoice Report
  • Data comparison
  • Badges, Labels & Certificates

In addition to these standard reports, custom reports can be generated allowing you to see the information you need in the format you need it. You receive a link that updates real-time to check at your leisure. Voila!  

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