Eventfully Quarantined: 40 celebratory ways to break up the monotony.

We have been working diligently on strategic redirects for our clients and their events during these unprecedented times. We know normal will return. 

Until then we have been racking our brains on how else we can help. Our creative brains can certainly NOT be left idle. So we have put together a list of 40 ways to celebrate daily and add some variety to these days in isolation. 

We invite you to follow our social channels as we pick one at random to do together. Share and participate using #eventfullyquarantined. 

    1. Send a funny gif to 5 friends
    2. Write/post 10 things you are grateful for. Tape it up. 
    3. Pat your head and rub your belly…bet you can’t do that without a giggle
    4. Find a way to do a random act of kindness
    5. Text a joke to a coworker, friend, or family member
    6. Get ALL dressed up, take a picture
    7. Play your favorite sing-a-long song and sing it at the top of your lungs
    8. Leave a positive review for the purchases or places you love
    9. Go follow 5 new businesses/accounts on social media
    10. Have a candlelit dinner tonight
    11. Make a new recipe
    12. Organize your junk drawer or drawers (no judgement)
    13. Write a note on the mirror for you or someone in your household
    14. Do a fun (safe) prank to someone to give them a giggle
    15. Set your table with your fancy dishes or china tonight for lunch or dinner
    16. Have a backwards dinner – dessert first!
    17. Call on a friend…not text…CALL!
    18. Color….Good old fashioned coloring
    19. Have breakfast in bed…or bring breakfast-in-bed to someone in your house
    20. Have a picnic..inside or outside
    21. Learn something new…watch a youtube video…read an article…pick-up a book
    22. Have a themed meal night…fit with menu cards, place cards, and/or a centerpiece
    23. FInd 5 items to giveaway
    24. Take a picture of something you find beautiful 
    25. Watch a motivational ted talk
    26. Write 5 things you love
    27. Make a vision “board”
    28. Put on your favorite music & dance like crazy
    29. Set a mini goal
    30. Compliment someone
    31. Try a 5-minute meditation or “moment of silence”…close your eyes and be still.
    32. Practice a favorite hobby…don’t have one…PICK ONE
    33. Unsubscribe your email address from junk mail..not ours of course! 
    34. Make or add to your bucket list
    35. Do a 15 minute workout…yoga…or just Jump up and down a few times
    36. Have breakfast for dinner..or lunch!
    37. Strike a power pose. You know. Stand up. Tall. Hands on your hips. Chin high.
    38. Do something for yourself. That’s right YOU! maybe a bath? Face mask?
    39. Make a “Charcuterie” board fit for a meal…use what you got. Be creative.
    40. Add something new to your morning or evening routine

Have one to add? Please share!!! Meanwhile, stay healthy and stay safe. 



40 mini celbrations to break up the monotony

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