5 Fresh Gift Ideas

Two-way tracker and luggage tagsWe got sooooo many ideas from our recent trip to IMEX America, including event technology trends, food and beverage trends and event engagement ideas.

Now on to gift ideas.

Events must be memorable to make an impact. Gifting can be the answer to creating a lasting and powerful impression.

It can be a challenge however to come up with fresh ideas that won’t go right in the trash. Here are five gift ideas we saw on the IMEX show floor that we are particularly excited about introducing at our future events.



Who uses a Ziploc bag for toiletries when they travel? Consider gifting attendees this clever substitute, the LuxePak Travelpak. It’s a travel bag for their toiletries, accessories and more.

According to LuxePak’s founder, this product started as a toiletry case, and evolved into an “everything case.” At a size of 6”x6”x3”, it seems small but has space that goes on and on and on. As a bonus, it’s TSA-compliant and comes with three 2-ounce bottles for items such as shampoo and lotions.

In addition to being airtight and water resistant, the LuxePak is brandable and customizable for your event, with the ability to add logos to one side or two. Functional event gifts are great, and they don’t get much more functional than this. Unless you like occasionally opening a bag to find an exploded shampoo bottle …

More details: http://www.luxepakit.com

Branded Digital Gift Cards

Branded digital gift cards

Everyone loves a gift card. How about a digital gift card, branded for your company or event?

Hawk Incentives offers these cards, which can be customized with your brand, personalized for each recipient, delivered via e-mail and added to any event guest’s mobile wallet. The cards are also prepaid, allowing event organizers to work within any budget. Win!

More details: http://www.hawkincentives.com

Branded Socks

branded socks

We mentioned Skyline Socks in our recent Gifts that Keep on Giving post. I’m not sure how this happened, but socks got hip and trendy all of a sudden. These socks offered by Boundless are unique enough to rise above the typical event clutter of branded bags and water bottles.

The Boundless online shop has many varieties of cat socks – yes, C-A-T socks – but they can brand socks however you like for your next event. The socks in the photo below were produced for Carvana, and we’d definitely wear them.

More details: https://www.boundlessnetwork.com/

Two-way Tracker and Luggage Tags

Two-way tracker and luggage tag

Ever wonder when or IF your luggage is going to arrive in baggage claim? This tracker uses Bluetooth to help you locate and remember your most important items (luggage is obviously important). After attaching the tag to your luggage, you can map the bag’s location via a mobile app to where it was last tracked. Anyone who has misplaced a bag on a business trip knows that this can come in handy.

At the airport baggage claim area, you’ll sometimes see 10 bags that look just like yours. The app lets you know when your bag is on site, and amplify its signal when the bag gets closer.

Brand this item for your event, and you might give your attendees something they’ll use every time they travel.

More details/procurement: www.boundlessnetwork.com

Phone Camera Lens Kit

Phone camera lens kit

Phone cameras are getting better all the time, but don’t you sometimes wish you could fit more into your photos? This event gift item from olloclip might be just what you’re looking for.

The Super-Wide Lens gives you a different field of view than your camera can get on its own, creating a 120-degree field of view that doubles your range of photo taking. That allows for better super-wide selfies, expansive landscapes, and architectural shots. It also comes with a clip that makes it easy to attach the lens to your phone.

More details: https://www.sixstarexperiences.com

There is no shortage of gift options out there making it overwhelming to settle on the perfect token. We hope these fresh ideas will jump-start your search.

If you have interesting gift ideas that you have seen or received, PLEASE SHARE!

Please continue to follow this blog for tips, insights, case studies and more. Happy Gifting!



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