5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Millennial Event

There was a Ted Talk that said “by 2020 millennials will take up 50 percent of the workforce, and the majority by 2025”. So what does this mean for events?

In being one myself, I feel as though I can offer some valuable insight. Here are 5 tips to plan the perfect Millennial event: 

  1. Maximize Technology – We millennials love our phones. Give us ways to use them! Whether it’s donating to a nonprofit, taking a selfie, or answering a live polling question. Let us use our tech toys to interact with your event, so you don’t lose us to our insta feed. 
  2. Embrace Social Media –  Social media is how we communicate. Think of how fast and how far your brand could reach if you give us good content and visuals to share. 
  3. Let us Play! – Talking heads and endless slide presentations are not going to get the results you want from this crowd. Keep it interactive. Get us up. Get us moving.  
  4. Go Green – We are all about saving the planet. Millennials would rather give back then waste money and resources. 
  5. Incorporate Group Interaction – One of our many strengths is collaboration. We love working with others and sharing ideas so the whole “team is successful”. 

Hard to believe, but 2020 is here! Appeal to the 50% of the workforce with these 5 tips to ensure your next millennial event is a success. 

Happy New Year!



Madison is an Intern at Eventfully Angela. When she’s not organizing the next great event, you can find her playing volleyball, or watching her favorite documentaries on Netflix!