13 Epic Event Signage Fails

At Eventfully Angela, we are passionately committed to bringing the latest trends, technology, and innovative elements to elevate events into unforgettable, engaging experiences. The creative aspects of that require a special something, an intangible quality … a feel.

With that said, close attention must be paid to the details. When you don’t get those right, attendees can be inconvenienced, making you and your event memorable for the wrong reasons.

Oh, and one of those mistakes can end up on social media for everyone to laugh at, like the signs below. Without further ado, here are 13 Epic Event Signage Fails that we thought you’d like. They’re not from our events – we promise!

1. The dreaded Windows shutdown

We hate when Windows doesn’t shut down successfully … especially when it’s on an arena ribbon.

2. Anatomical errors

Signage rule of thumb: If you make a mistake involving a word related to your private parts, it ends up on the Internet for everyone to see. Always. More proof is below.

3. Look out below!

Maybe it’s us, but this entry doesn’t look the least bit accessible.

4. Add context … please!

Sexual harassment seminars are important. So is proofreading the sign that welcomes people to your sexual harassment seminar.

5. Conjunctions are your friends

How do you smoke alcohol, anyway?

6. We agree. WTF?

7. Booths gone bad

Let’s see … we’ve got the tiny, plywood booth. Also, is that tape? And the signs. Oh, the signs.

8. Training sessions

Wait, is the sign on the wrong door, or did they use the wrong room? Either way … #epiceventfail

9. Remember to proofread, over and over

Miss one letter on a sign, like in No. 3 above? Might be a problem. Miss two letters and all hell breaks loose.

10. Technical difficulties

Isn’t the first step always to turn off the computer and then turn it back on again? Better get on that right away.

11. Are they serving Devil’s Food Cake?

Reminder: Don’t get cute with three-word descriptions.

12. What about in May or June?

Are the Divinyls hosting this panel? Come on, tell us you remember this song.

13. Oh, come on … at a school?

This one left us speechless. Laughing, but speechless.


We hope you got a good laugh from the event signage fails above. On a serious note, consider having a second set of eyes review signs and print materials whenever possible. Every writer needs an editor, and the same idea goes for event planners. It’s easy to miss details when you’re too close to something.

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