Have a Seat! 10 Fresh Table Layouts

When I first started planning events, the round table ruled. The wow factor came from linen, centerpieces, and lighting.

But now, the round has been overthrown and a variety of table sizes and innovative layouts are at your disposal. The possibilities for table layouts are endless, with the potential to use design creativity that delights your guests in a unique, communal atmosphere.

We have a Pinterest board with dozens of great table layout arrangements, and below are 10 of our favorites.

The Charlie Brown 

You recognize the resemblance, right? The playful zig-zag of this table layout immediately reminded me of Chuck’s shirt from Peanut’s.

The Maze

This striking layout works well in a rectangular space, especially one that may be a little on the narrow side.

The Doughnut

Roundtables s often have clutter in the middle, blocking your view when you look toward a person on the other side. Why not get rid of the middle?

X Marks the Spot

This arrangement helps you efficiently seat more people. A great fresh alternative for brunches, wedding or baby showers, and even informal corporate events.


Taking it Low

Having a casual affair? We love the way this setup lowers the seating level and brings in plush cushions and textures.


Xs and Os

We’re down for two different table layouts in the same space. The merging of the X and O   table grouping really spices things up.


The Snake

“Serpent” tables are connected to create this sexy layout. We like the dramatic energy it brings to the space.


Double-sided Square

This design is great for an event with a focal point in the center, such as a band or guest of honor. Nobody will be in the back of the room here, as the proximity to the center is virtually the same for all guests.

For a smaller crowd, you can remove the inside seats so that nobody needs to turn around to see the middle.



Here’s another good layout for a central focal point – in this case, a head table. The emphasis on the middle is more dramatic than in the previous example.


Double-Sided U-Shape

A U-shaped table is customary for a conference, but this example shows that it can work for dinner as well. We LOVE the ambiance in this setting.


These table layouts are just the tip of the iceberg – there are SO many options that will make your event more functional and memorable.

Wanna see more? Check out our table-centric Pinterest board for more imaginative ideas.




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