The 2018 Event Planning Training Guide: What you need to know about Courses, Certificates, Certifications and Degrees

Ever dream of being an Event Planner?

So often I get asked how to get in and sustain a successful career in the event industry. My answer – experience, education, and a good layer of thick skin.

Meeting and Event Planning is a skilled profession with proficiencies beyond picking a pretty centerpiece and a signature cocktail. Thankfully there are resources in place to provide the support and relevant industry education required. An overwhelming amount actually.

I recently had the pleasure to contribute to the Event Manager Blog article outlining all of the options to starting a career in the event industry.

Education is something that can never be taken away from you. It is an investment in your future.

In this event planning training guide, they cover: 

  • Which Event Management Training and Qualifications Are Right for You?
  • Event Industry Certifications
  • Becoming a Certified Meeting Professional – CMP
  • How to Pass the CMP (or any event certification) Exam
  • Event Planning Certificates
  • Is an Event Certificate Program Better for You?
  • Event Association Education
  • Colleges and Universities – Event Management Degrees
  • Event Industry Scholarships
  • Event Planning Books

“Being a lifelong learner means that you are more likely to reach the top and be successful.”

This comprehensive guide is a must-read for anyone interested in planning events. May it also prove that Event Planning is a profession to be taken seriously. Specific skill and expertise are required for personal success and the success of an event. Leaving an event in the hands of someone untrained in the profession comes with avoidable consequences.


What do you think…Is a certification necessary to be a successful event planner? Would you hire someone uncertified to manage your event?




A Chicago native, Angela is a self-proclaimed event-geek and daily celebrator of just about anything. She currently resides with her husband and 3 kids in the Atlanta, Georgia area and has been the Sr. Meeting and Event Planner for Ingersoll Rand, a global Industrial Company, since 2009. She recently debuted her blog, Eventfully Angela, writing about industry tips and the overall musings of her eventfully crazy life as an event planner and beyond. She can also be found sharing event industry awesomeness on Instagram @eventfullyangela. Thoughts and views shared are her own.