The Best Productivity App You’ve Never Heard Of

Bringing a High-Tech Solution to a Low-Tech Productivity Process. How to take your Personal Kanban board anywhere.

Tip from Eventfully Angela: post it plus app digital personal kanban board

As a Corporate Event Planner, I am never short on things to do or places to go.

My Personal Kanban board is the time management hack that helps me prioritize and stay in control of my endless to-do’s.

Each task is written on a post-it note, categorized by color, prioritized, and pushed through the pre-determined workflow process until complete.

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The problem is, an eight-foot dry-erase board does not pack so nicely in my carry-on bag. So how can you continue to make use of this handy organizing hack while traveling and on the go? 

Believe me, you will not have to look hard for a productivity app or digital solution. There is an overwhelming amount of options available on the market. The goal at hand, however, was finding one that could work seamlessly with the simplicity of my existing proven solution, and for FREE.

Enter 3M, the company behind Post-it. They have digitized the simple Post-it and brought it to the small screen with their mobile app, Post-it Plus. This app has been around for a few years, but neither I nor anyone I asked had EVER heard of it. Here’s what you need to know.


The Post-it Plus App is a digital productivity tool that allows you to capture, organize and share your notes using your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Simply capture over 200 individual post-it notes at one time with your camera.
  2. Arrange, refine and re-organize the imported notes on your board with a simple tap and drag of your finger.
  3. Create and edit new notes
  4. Share your viral board with others or export to other applications and cloud services – including PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Dropbox and more.


post it plus app_app store icon

  1. Go to the app store
  2. Search for “post it plus”
  3. Download by clicking “GET”
  4. Search for the downloaded icon on your device
  5. Open icon & get to work!


So what do you do now? Here is a video tutorial, followed by a step-by-step list of how to integrate and convert your physical personal Kanban board with the Post-it Plus app.


1. Import physical post-its into the App

post it plus app step 1

  • Find and open the post-it plus app icon on your device.
  • Click the + sign at the bottom center of the screen and hit the camera icon which appears to the left.
  • Hold your device steady and click the center colorful camera icon for two seconds.
  • Confirm all of the post-its were captured. A green check mark will appear in the bottom right corner of each post-it.
  • If one was not captured, click it with your finger until the green check appears and then hit done. Or if you don’t want it captured click it with your finger and click it once and the green check mark will disappear.
  • When finished, hit “add to board” at the bottom right.
  • The viral board than appears with a generic name “Group A” and can be renamed.

2. Rename your Groups and Board

post it plus app rename group

  • To rename each group click where it says “Group A” and hit ‘rename group’ to type in the new title. Ex: Low, Medium, or High
  • You can also rename the Board at the top center of the screen by clicking “Board” and retyping your desired title. Ex: “To Do”

3. Re-arrange your boardspost it plus app moving tasks

  • Boards can be rearranged in whatever order you like by holding down your finger and dragging anywhere there is empty white space.

4. Push tasks through your workflow process

  • Once you have it the way you want it to look, start to complete your tasks and begin to push them through your workflow process by holding down the individual post-it and dragging it to the empty white space.
  • It will again default with a title “Group A” and can be renamed to “In Progress” and/or “Done” using the same steps in step #2.

5. Add new tasks

  • To add a new task, hit the + sign and hit the post-it icon post it pluss app choose colorthat appears to the right.
  • A default post-it will appear, but the color can be changed by clicking the post-it icon on the far left corner.
  • Choose your desired color from the fan deck that appears.
  • You can add text to the post-it by touching the keyboard icon in the far right corner, or by choosing one of the pen colors in the bottom center and writing it with your finger.
  • Once complete hit the add button on the top right of your screen and move your post-it to the category it belongs by holding it down with your finger and dragging.

6. Edit an imported post-it task

  • First, make the individual post-it’s larger by clicking on the it plus app edit post it
  • They will appear in a larger carousel format that can be easily swiped.
  • Find the post-it needing to edit.
  • The text cannot be changed to an imported post-it, but text can be added to it by clicking the keyboard button and typing it on or writing it with your finger using the pens.
  • You can move where the text is displayed by holding down the orange circle with the 3 white lines on it that appear in the far-center-right and placing it in the desired spot.
  • If you need to change the text, then simply delete the post-it by clicking the trash icon marked “DELETE” and click “delete note”, then go add a new one as explained in step #5 with the desired text.

Voila! This low-tech productivity solution just got a high-tech makeover, yet is just as simple and easy to use.

You are well on your way to staying in control of your tasks, no matter where you are. So, tell me, was this news to you??

Eventfully, Angela


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